Österreichische Vereinigung für Supervision

Organisational Consulting

What is organisational consulting?

Organisational consulting is the umbrella term for all professional consultancy interventions that aim to changing organisations or parts of them, developing them with regard to the specified goals and stabilising them. In contrast to supervision and coaching, it focuses on the organisation and its structures and communication faculties, rather than on its employees. In order to distinguish it from management consultancy the term organisational consulting mainly refers to process consulting and consulting in the context of change and development within organisations.

What is organisational development?

Organisational development is a special type of organisational consulting that integrates the affected people into the developmental process, i.e. the affected people become involved in this process. Organisational development concentrates on social change in organisations, therefore it can be defined as goal-oriented process support taking place during changes within organisations.

Organisational consulting and organisational development offer:

  • Process consulting and support, particularly for:
  • The development of values/standards, mission statements, aims/strategies, concepts/products
  • Organisational structures and procedures, communicational structures
  • Processes of change, especially in crisis situations
  • Management systems, leadership concepts, personnel development
  • Motivational and participatory strategies, effectiveness/efficiency
  • Change Management, transformation management

In recognition of the various historical and theoretical movements related to this format the ÖVS decided to use both of the following terms:
Organisational consulting / Organisational development.