Österreichische Vereinigung für Supervision

How we see ourselves

AOS (ÖVS) – The Austrian Organisation for Supervision

The ÖVS sees itself as the guarantor of high-quality coaching, professional supervision and, most recently, organisational development / organisational consulting. We therefore provide multi-faceted professional policy development work, which one can find expressed by the various activities of the ÖVS committees. The ÖVS is responsible for the recognition of qualified training courses, and as a member of ANSE (Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe) the ÖVS is committed to our European standards.

The AOS has the following aims

  • the consolidation of supervision
  • the dissemination of supervision
  • the development of supervision

The consolidation of supervision

The ÖVS contributes to the quality assurance of supervision and coaching by working towards a more exact definition of job profiles, by setting training standards and by accrediting training courses.

The dissemination of supervision

The ÖVS promotes the regional cooperation of supervisors and coaches (on public relations, various supervision projects) and takes a stand on current topics. The responsible personnel are always open to questions and ready to help with all requests concerning supervision and coaching.

Development of supervision

The ÖVS cultivates international exchange and coordination, promoting research and events, which transcend common “schools of thought “. The ÖVS also provides information on structural frameworks and training, and answers queries regarding high quality supervision. If you click on “Consultant Search“, you can easily look up ÖVS accredited supervisors, coaches and organisational developers/consultants according to your requirements.