Österreichische Vereinigung für Supervision


ÖVS: Consulting at the highest level

ÖVS accredited consultants stand for professionalism, responsibility and reliability. With all 1,250 ÖVS accredited supervisors and coaches obliged to comply with our ethical guidelines, ÖVS accreditation provides a standard you can trust. The ÖVS-guidelines lead the way in Europe and ensure high quality consulting.

What does it mean for you as a client?

In the run-up to consulting ÖVS-consultants are obliged to give you a clear definition of what supervision covers as well as a delimitation of its reach in respect of neighbouring disciplines. If applicable, our consultants will recommend more suitable consulting or support options.

Respect & reliability
ÖVS-consultants respect the client’s autonomy and individuality. Moreover, you can be sure that any information about people, facts and institutions will be treated confidentially.

ÖVS-consultants have at least five years of professional experience, a university degree (or a documented equivalent) and have completed an established supervision training course. They are committed to continuing professional development.

Every three years ÖVS-consultants have to participate in a quality development talk, in which they present the following topics of the “quality portfolio“: consulting concepts, clarification of tasks, evaluation and reflection, continuing professional development focussing on consulting. These topics are then reviewed with regard to professional quality assurance.


Step by step to effective consultations

ÖVS-supervisors and coaches can be found on our website, www.oevs.or.at, and in the ÖVS list of members. Should you wish to receive a copy of the ÖVS list of members, you can phone our office to order it.

First contact
You will arrange preliminary sessions with one or more supervisors and/or coaches in order to get a first overview.

Based on these preliminary sessions, you or your team will then select the ÖVS-consultant best suited to your requirements. As supervision, coaching and organisational consulting usually happen on behalf of an organisation or company, there are normally also preliminary sessions with the client from within the organisation / company.

Your contract states aims, setting, duration, costs and special agreements for your organisation concerning supervision or coaching. Contract talks among all the people involved ensure transparency and clarity of the procedure.

In most cases employers cover the costs of a qualitative ÖVS-consultation. However, we advise you to get information if your costs are tax deductible.


The three quality pillars of ÖVS-members: