Österreichische Vereinigung für Supervision


Board of Governors

The ÖVS Board of Governors consists of a maximum of six members elected by the General Meeting as well as three members sent or nominated by the committees and the General Manager (who, however, possesses no voting rights). Here are the members of the ÖVS Board of Governors elected by the General Meeting:

Dr.in Michaela Judy, MAS
Deputy Chairman
MMag. Gerald Käfer-Schmid
Mag. Walter Schuster

Wladimir Zalozieckyj Sas, MBA
Deputy Treasurer
Mag. Klaus Wögerer



Nominated by the Board:

European Commission (EK)

Mag.a Bettina Strümpf, MSc, MBA


Members of the Board nominated by the committees:

Nomination of the Conference of the Federal Provinces (BLK)

Mag. Hannes Eichberger, MAS

Nomination of the Conference of Training Institutions (KAT)

Dr.in Regina Magdowski, MAS
Dr.in Regina Magdowski, MAS
The chairing of the conference rotates between the heads of the training institutions – currently Dr.in Cornelia Steinhard.




Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Heinz Lorenz; Mag. (FH) Siegfried Tatschl

Members of the Quality Assurance Commission

Maria Goldmann-Kaindl; Mag. Gerald Käfer-Schmid; Mag. Julius Metzler, MSc; Mag.a Jeanette Moore; Mag.a Birgit Riel-Brandstetter, MSc

Focus on supervision in the health-care sector

Eva Würnitzer, project attendant for the special focus area “Supervision in Hospitals”

Ombudsperson’s office of the ÖVS

Our ombudsperson’s office can be reached via the ÖVS office: office@oevs.or.at



The following honorary members of the Austrian Organisation for Supervision shall be mentioned as historical representatives of supervision in Austria:

Dr.in Inge Gnant

Lizzi Mirecki Lizzi Mirecki s. A.

Univ. Doz. Dr. Raoul Schindler †

Univ. Prof. Dr. Sepp Schindler †

DSAin Elfriede Montag †

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Eckstein †